Mens Information and Support Association Inc.

A better life for you,
your partner, family and the

MISA provides a range of specialised counselling and
support services, as well as information for men and their

Men and their MISA stories

This is a time to reach out for support and to activate your inner resources.

At various points in life it’s normal to feel lost, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity to grow.

A hidden experience for men, not often talked about, but MISA is here to support you.

500+ men supported every year

After counselling 70% of men report significant improvement in the presenting problem.

90% of men completing our workshops report improved decision making.

MISA has a 90% completion rate for workshop attendance.

About MISA approach

Our services place the client at the centre of decision making processes which are based in theory while being grounded, compassionate, respectful and authentic.

“Ultimately Men will realise that reaching out for wellbeing support is a courageous and essential skill”
– Richard Shanahan MISA Manager.