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Instead of counselling, coaching is a less formal approach for getting support for life challenges. It has more focus on the application of practical steps to progress your situation but still places the client at the centre of decision making. However your coach will be more suggestive, share knowledge and provide tips and advice whilst still leaving it up to you to make the final decision. Here are few ways coaching may be different: 

  • Sessions may be shorter, less consistent etc.  
  • More opportunity to do coaching online or by phone as opposed to face. 
  • The coach may share personal experience and knowledge about his particular life challenge 
  • There may be less self-reflection and a greater focus on actions and decision making through the life challenge.  

Example: Separation Coaching 

Luke’s separation was sudden and included a number of issues: 

  • Loss of accommodation 
  • Reduced access to children and subsequent court proceedings. 
  • High levels of stress and sleeplessness 
  • Health issues related to a hernia. 

After a triage assessment with a counsellor, it was determined with Luke’s input, that a coach would be more practical for him. As Luke already had some excellent self-awareness skills and was more interested in getting a satisfactory outcome for the children, his ex-partner, and himself. In working with his coach they discussed options about: 

  • negotiation and mediation options with his ex-partner 
  • pros and cons about representing yourself in court and lower cost legal advice 
  • what to communicate with his children, and how to enjoy time with them 
  • how to manage his stress and sleep issues for the duration of the separation 
  • Other resources available including GPs, support groups, and centrelink 

To book a Coach consider:

  • Importance of availability one evening a week
  • Zoom workshops require a private home space for confidentiality
  • You will need to undergo a preworkshop interview/assessment
  • Your willingness to participate in the group
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