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Parenting Skills

Triple - P
Parent programs:

Triple -P Parent programs: MISA provides parenting programs for parents who have concerns about their child’s behaviour or who wish to learn a variety of parenting skills that will promote their child ‘s development and potential. The program gives you the skills to:

  • encourage the behaviour you like to see from your child
  • deal positively and consistently with problem behaviour
  • take the stress out of parenting.

Entry programs:
0-12 and teenagers

There are 2 general programs for parents with children 0 -12 and teenagers 12 – 16yrs. Teen Triple P has been helpful for many parents and may give you some useful ideas to help you meet the challenges of raising teenagers.  

Entry program: children and teenagers
Costs: $50 per session
Length: 4-6 sessions
Contact: 38897312

POP or Family Transitions programs

Recently divorced or separated. Your child is caught in the middle. You may have problems with your extended family, your partner or your ex- partner. This course is designed for supporting separated or divorced parents to focus on the best interests of their children, reduce conflict regarding their co-parenting and improve co-parenting.

POP: children and teenagers
Costs: $50 per session
Length: 5 sessions
Contact: 38897312

To book a consultation consider:

  • Your availability as courses are currently on Monday daytimes
  • Behaviours you would like to see from your child
  • Your willingness to participate for a number of sessions
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